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A drill press isn’t necessarily the most interesting or sexy thing to research and shop for, usually, you’ve got a job to do and you’re ready to get to work.

You want something that’s going to be durable, sturdy, easy enough to use, without any annoying quirks, right? And after all that, it’s got to fit in your budget, and be the right size. No problem.

We’ve done the research, we’ve shopped around, we’ve compared drill press after drill press, and what you’re left with right here is our curated selection of the very best drill presses that money can buy, organized into useful categories to easily help you find the one that’s going to meet your needs.

finding the best drill press

We know how annoying it can be to try to find information on products online, and going into the big box hardware store usually isn’t a heck of a lot better. The people working there usually don’t know enough about each individual product to give you a real recommendation. Another option is to go into a local hardware type of store, it’s always good to support local small businesses, but in that case you’ll usually end up spending a bit more, and not having as big of a selection.

That’s why we spent months checking out all of the different options you’ve got to choose from, and hand-picking our favorites right here. From the very most basic drill guides, to a high-end magnetic drill press, here are your best choices to order online right now…

Types Of Drill Press

  • Benchtop Drill Presses
  • Laser Drill Presses
  • Oscillating Drill Presses
  • Bench Mounted Drill Presses
  • Floor Drill Presses

Top Drill Press Choices 2019:

Best Budget Drill Press:

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press ( B00HQONFVE )

a top drill press
Rating: 🤤🤤🤤
This incredibly capable drill press is an amazing value at a surprisingly low price. We’re starting off with this one because it’s the right choice for so, so many people. It’s not too big but it can still hit up to 3140 RPM. It’s not that heavy, but it’s still made from strong metal and built to last. The ⅓ HP motor isn’t the most powerful thing on earth, but let’s face us: most of us don’t need any more than this for our projects. If you’re not in an industrial factory, like if you want something you can use at home for basic and advanced projects, or something you can toss in the truck and take to job sites, this is it.

It’s also available in 10 and 12 inch models, so if you need something larger, there you go.

See our full WEN 4208 Review here.

KEY FEATURES: Operates at 5 different speeds (740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM), beveling worktable to cut on an angle, a locking depth adjustment, and onboard key storage and some of the nice little things that make life easier with this press.

For home projects, hobbies, and even light work, this is great. If you’ve got a wood workshop and you’re doing heavy drilling, this may not be the best bet, it’s fairly small compared to some of the big, big table-top units that are better suited to industrial work. Professionals can still use this, too. Many cabinet makers only need a simple press, for instance, and this one is easy enough to carry around to job sites, weighing in at about 30 pounds.


  • Incredible value for the price, nothing else even really compares in this category
  • It’s almost universally adored in the DIY community and even among people who use it everyday for work


  • It’s not really up to the task of constant all-day usage on big jobs and projects, so if this is for heavy work use, you’ll want to consider one of the other options we’ve got coming up so stick around.
  • The accuracy can be ever-so-slightly off at times, so if you are drilling with zero margin of error like .001, you’ll want to get something high-end than this but for 99.999% of projects in your house, this is perfect and you won’t even notice.

Best Value Overall:

Ainfox 10-Inch 5 Speed Stationary Drill Press ( B07G9CH8K2 )

Rating: 🤤🤤🤤
Before digging in, let’s quickly talk about “value” and what it means to us. Value doesn’t mean you’re getting the cheapest option, and it’s usually not the most expensive one, either. Value means you’re getting more than you pay for, basically it’s a great deal on a great product without breaking the bank. In this case, it’s a relatively inexpensive press that sits on your workbench, and can handle just about anything you’ll throw at it, and it’s affordable enough that it’s still a worthwhile investment even for small projects around the house.

This drill press is rugged, very high-quality, and gets the job done seemingly effortlessly. Sometimes, cheaper units will vibrate a bit, which is somewhat unnerving and can impact the accuracy, but this one is sturdy.

KEY FEATURES: Can drill from a 0 – 45 degree angle, 12 speeds to help you adjust to cutting through metal, wood, and more, one of the heaviest and sturties drills on this list… Check out our full ainfox 10-inch drill press review if you’d like to know more.

This drill is perfect for home-use, and can hold its own in a workshop, too. It’s a bit less practical to carry around than some of the others because it weighs nearly 70 pounds, so check out the other options if you want to take it with you from jobsite to jobsite but you don’t need anything heavier duty (like if you’re a cabinet maker, for instance.)


  • Heavy, powerful, and can drill into a number of different surfaces
  • It’s basically in the sweet spot when it comes to price and performance, while also delivering huge value, making it a perfect choice for most people who want something great but don’t necessarily need to spend 10-20x as much to get the absolute best


  • The only issue with this one compared to the other drill presses we’ve featured is that it’s heavier, so it’s not always practical to bring it around. It weights, on average, about twice as much as the others. It’s not going to be a make-or-break thing to carry 70 pounds, but again, if it’s just for basic stuff, you may be better suited with our budget option from WEN that we started off this article with.

Best High-End Option:

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press ( B00N3HSVXK )

Rating: 🤤🤤🤤
Alright, this one right here is the real deal. If you looked over the other options and thought to yourself, “I need more than this, this isn’t enough, I’ve got some serious work to do…” then this is what you need. It has a powerful 10 amp motor, but still only tips the scale and just over 40 pounds so you can easily take it with you from jobsite to jobsite.

This is basically the top of the line as far as drill presses go, before you start looking at the industrial-tier that you’d find getting heavy use in a full time woodshop. Some big shops still even have one like this kicking around, it’s handy for a lot of jobs, and you can’t really take a full-size standalone drill press with you, or move it around the shop.

KEY FEATURES: 10 amp motor with two speed settings, overload protection to keep the motor safe, quick-change chuck, 4-3/8 inch drill travel distance. For a more in-depth breakdown of the features check out our dewalt 1622k review here.

For the hobbyist who wants the best of the best, or something who plans to use this for more serious woodworking and jobs, it can definitely handle the bill. Professionals don’t usually mind spending more for quality, especially since they can write it off as a business expensve. It may be a bit overkill if you only plan on using it every now and then, but if you want the best drill press without getting into the super big, super heavy, and super expensive industrial ones, this is it right here.


  • It’s very sturdy, very accurate, and very durable
  • It’s light enough that you can pack it up and move it around, so you get high-end performance and also versatility, which isn’t a combo that we see as often as we would like to


  • It’s overkill if you just need to drill the odd hole here and there

Most Basic Option:

Milescraft 1318 Drillmate Drill Guide With Chuck ( B014A1Z92I )

Rating: 🤤🤤🤤
Let’s wrap this up with something that’s a bit different than the rest. Unlike the other drill presses on this list, this one doesn’t include the actual drill. It’s just a guide, which means that you attach your drill to the top of it, and you attach your accessory (a hole saw, a drill bit, etc) to the bottom, and this device allows you to drill straight and accurately.

It’s by far the least expensive option because it allows you to use a drill that you already own, which cuts costs a lot. Learn more about it on my full review here.

KEY FEATURES: Fits 3/8″ And 1/2″ size drills, self-centering base, can drill on round stock, non-slip feet, mounting holes, can adjust to drill on angles from 45 to 90 degrees.

This is a perfect option for somebody who wants to do the occasional home DIY project here and there, and can’t really justify investing in a full drill press. If you’re going to be using this for work and on a regular basis, chances are you’re quickly going to want something a bit more efficient.

If you want something cheap that gets the job done, and you don’t mind if it’s not built like a tank or made to industrial professional specs, this is the perfect choice.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use and not intimidating at all for beginner DIYers
  • Drilling holes straight and accurately is crucial for so many different projects, this tool is a great investment and will come in handy in your hobby and for light work


  • If you don’t already own a drill, this isn’t the best option unless you were already planning on buying a stand-alone drill. If you only need the press, look at our best budget drill press above instead

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