Hey, what’s up? I’m not sure if you’ve seen any of my other websites before finding this drill press guide that you’re on right now, but basically here’s the deal:

Every now and then, I get COMPLETELY obsessed with a new hobby, and most recently that’s been woodworking. I was spending most of my free time just trying to read, learn, and absorb as much information as I could about how to make things out of wood, at home, without any experience. That’s how I do it. I like to research, make smart choices, and then dive in.

drill obsessed
Kind of like you’re doing right now while you’re researching the best drill presses, and that brings me to my point…

If you’re just starting to do this research, I’ve been down the exact same path as you. I’ve read all of the other reviews, had to wade through so much nonsense that wasn’t relevant to what I was looking for, accidentally clicked about a thousand pop-up windows, and finally… FINALLY… I found the perfect drill-press.

After all that effort, I could have just put together my little woodworking shop in my garage and been done with it, but I’m also kind of a nerd, and I like to write, and I like to make websites so… here we are.


To be fully upfront, I’m not a lifelong woodworker who was born with a saw in his hand, I’m just someone who becomes interested in this hobby a bit later in life, put in the work, and now I want to share that with you, so that you can skip right ahead to the fun stuff.

Thanks for reading,