Ainfox 10-Inch 5 Speed Stationary Drill Press Review

Out of all of the drill presses that we’ve checked out, this one hands-down offers the absolute best value. It’s not the cheapest, it’s not the most heavy-duty either, but it offers the best bang for your buck. Let’s break down some of the features, who this press was designed for, and what makes it such a great value overall.

To me, value means that you’re getting “what you pay for” and more. The more you get, the better the value is. There can be good value in expensive products, cheap ones, and in between. It’s not tied to the price, it’s tied to what you’re getting for that price. In this case, this is a relatively inexpensive drill press, but it works incredibly and gets the job done for what 95% of people need it for. That other 5% consists of wood workshops, industrial applications that require something super powerful, etc. But when it comes to home use, light commercial work, etc – it’s perfect.

Compared to some of the entry-level drill machines we’ve featured throughout our research, this one is borderline professional-caliber, like a cabinet maker or contractor would be more than happy with this. The only time we’d recommend stepping up to something bigger and more powerful is if you’re constantly drilling holes in thick metal, or if it’s for a dedicated workshop. What’s really nice about this model is that it’s light enough to take with you anywhere, just toss it in the truck and you’re set, it doesn’t take a team of people to move it, you can pop it up on any table or even the floor, it’s very versatile. Let’s take a closer look at the features that matter…

What we LOVE about the Ainfox Stationary Drill Press:

The VALUE: Not to keep harping on this one thing, but if this press fits your budget, it’s 100% the best one for you to buy, full stop.

Quality: It’s super well-made, heavy enough to be sturdy but you can still carry it around with you to job sites, and it’s hard to find a task that this machine can’t handle.

Size: The base is just under 14 inches, by just over 8 inches. This makes it easy to find a spot to put it, even in cramped work sites.

Options: If you love this drill press, but you want to spend a bit less and get something a little smaller instead, they’ve also got an 8 inch model instead of 10, and it has all of the same benefits as the 10 inch model we’re featuring right now.

Key Features In This Ainfox Drill Press Review

Feature: Many Speeds

Why it matters: Having multiple speed options makes this drill a lot more versatile. Whether you’re looking to cut through wood, metal, or other materials altogether, this drill can handle it in most cases. Whether you want to use the power for speed, or force, you’re covered here with a number of adjustments you can make.

Feature: LED Work Light

Why it matters: The LED guide light won’t burn out anytime soon, chances are the light will last just as long as the rest of the drill, which is a very long time since it’s so well-made. This light works as a guide, to help you make the most accurate drills possible. It takes away the guesswork, or having to constantly stop to line things up. You can see in a split second exactly where the drill bit is going to land on your material.

Drilling accurate holes on your very first try is going to save you time, your work is going to be better, and you’re going to save a lot on materials in the long run. This feature also makes this drilling machine more forgiving for beginners, which is always a plus. We love seeing a product that manages to cater to beginners along with more experienced woodworkers and craftspeople.

Feature: Versatility

Why it matters: In addition to the variable speeds, you can adjust a number of other things, including the angle that you’re drilling on, and the height. All of this further ads to the versatility, meaning you can do more with this drill, meaning it can take over the tasks of other tools you may otherwise need. When you can buy one thing and have it take care of a number of different tasks and drills you may need to make, that’s just another checkmark in the value column.

The cast-iron tilting table gives you a range of 0-45 degree angle drills in either direction, while maintaining accuracy all the while.

Feature: Extras

Why it matters: It comes with some little extras, like a chuck and a key at 1/8th or ½ inch, along with tools to help you assemble it, so if you’re just putting together your tool collection, you’re off to a heat start with this press – you don’t need to own anything already to get started with it.

Conclusion: Buy this Ainfox 10 inch drill press if…

If you’ve got a workshop on the smaller side, or just want something to complement a large, professional drill press that stays in one place, this is a great option.
You need something for around the house to help out with your DIY projects.
You’re a contractor on the go who needs something to take with you that can still hold up to demanding jobs.
You would probably be okay with one of the entry-level presses we’ve looked at BUT you have a few extra bucks to invest in getting something that’s a big step up instead.

Having good tools makes even the toughest of jobs a lot easier, and it makes easier jobs a total breeze. You can focus on your creativity and talents instead of focusing on trying to wrangle unruly tools, and that’s always a plus. If there’s one thing I advocate for the most, it’s for getting excellent value but also making sure you’re getting really good quality tools.

Buy it once, buy it right, and you won’t find yourself having to upgrade in a year or two when you outgrow your entry-tier tools. This drill press fits the bill, and Ainfox might not be the most recognizable brand of tools, but they’re making a name for themselves with the quality, durability, value, and usefulness of this offering.

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