What Is A Pillar Drill (Drill Press)

Curious about some new tools you’ve inherited, or are you looking into a project and putting together a list of everything you’ll need? If you’re wondering what a pillar drill is, we’re here to help you answer that question.

Pillar drill is another name for a drill press.

A pillar drill (or drill press) is a machine that either sits on your workbench, or stands on its own and is comprised of a motor, which is used to turn a spindle. Attached to the motor is a chuck, which holds a drill bit and allows you to drill into a number of different types of materials.

If you need to drill small holes, you can use a smaller drill bit with your press. If you need larger holes, you can get larger bits. Pretty straightforward, hey?

Pillar drills are great to have on hand for any number of home repair projects, from quick crafting tasks like cutting a hole in a bird feeder, to DIY home projects, and even for more industrial things. The type of drill press that you’ll get will depend, obviously, on what you’re going to be using it for.

There are some very basic ones like the WEN 4208, which is an awesome little pillar drill at a very affordable price and it’s perfect for around the house.

If you’ve got a workshop or you’re manufacturing something in larger quantities than the odd job here and there, and you need some extra power, then you’ll want to think about something like the DeWalt 1622K… But for home projects? It’s probably a bit overkill.

There are plenty of other pillar drills to choose from, too, and I’ve featured a good handful of the best ones on this site, to help you find the right tool for the job.